Well, here it is.. my first blog post. I just came back from my holiday in Valencia with my boyfriend. Valencia isn’t a big city and that was what I liked about it. The city has lots of culture and architecture. You can walk to everything easily but you can also rent a bike. Of course we rent a bike like real dutch people. The city is surrounded by a dry river where you can now find a park, sports clubs and architecture. You can find Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias here, this is modern building. It looks really impressive because of all the blue water around it.

I wanted to practice with making a movie while I’m there but that didn’t really worked out haha. My hand isn’t that stable so the film is a bit shacking. and you can hear my boyfriend say he’s hungry like 10000 times. I really don’t understand how men can eat that much and still be hungry?!?!? But fortunately for my boyfriend (and also for me of course) you can get food at every corner of the streets. You have to search a bit for the good restaurants but if you find them it’s worth the search. I ate so good that I’m going to share a few of my favourite restaurants here.
– Almalibre Açaí Bar. This is a super healthy restaurant where you can eat delicious Açaí Bowls. I always saw these Acai Bowls on Instagram but never actually had one myself. But it’s so good! The toppings in this restaurant where really delicious.
– Sagardi. Sagardi is a Spanish restaurant where you can eat the best pinxtos (little slices of bread with different toppings)
– La Más Bonita. I think this was my favourite. I read about this one in a magazine and saw that it was at the beach. We’ve had lunch here and nachos. In the counter you can choose out of multiple cakes, and they looked all so good. I do recommend to reserve a table because there’s always a row outside.

I love to see as much as I can of the cities culture but my boyfriend really wanted to go to a football game. We went to Valencia CF vs Villa-Real at Masteilla. I’m not a big football fan but it was actually really nice.

Altogether it was a very nice city for a short city trip and I would definitely go there again!

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