Yesterday I’ve landed in… IBIZA! I don’t know why but I still hate flying although I did it so many times haha. Just the feeling in your head and tummy blugh. But I made it haha! It is so nice to just relax and explore something new. I’ve never been to Ibiza before. There are lots of (wild) stories about Ibiza like heavy dance parties, dj’s, famous people etc. But my first impression was actually quite relaxed. People take their time and no one is stressing about anything. Amazing.
I’m here with my parents, grandma, my little brother and his friend. My mom and I love to explore new places and make photo’s. My mom has a really nice camera! I’m a bit jealous but I’m not complaining because I can use it very often. While we’re here, we’re going to practice with photography. Our holiday isn’t going to be a heavy party holiday but more an exploring and relaxing one.
This morning we went to a little church on top of a hill called Puig de Missa. The houses here look wonderful. I saw that most of the houses where white and have trees with the most colourful flowers growing against them. It looks so pretty. Up there you’ve got an amazing view over the sea and Santa Eulària des Riu. Santa Eulària des Riu is a little town where we’re staying. I like to see some culture when I’m on holiday. Ofcourse I like lying in the sun at the beach as well but I always like to do something. It is really nice to rent a car while you’re here. If you want to see nice places you really need one. Ibiza is really small so it’s not far to go somewhere.
I can’t wait to see more of this Island the next days!

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