Today is our last day on this Island (so sad 🙁 ), but we did some pretty nice things today. I went up really early to see the sunrise and it was really nice.
Like I said in my previous blog post I wanted to visit a Hippy Market. It’s so nice to just stroll around a market. I always see stuff I like but of course not really need… (I always buy it anyway) The market we visit was Punta Arabi. Although they had nice stuff and funny hippy music it wasn’t my favourite market. There were too many people and it was a bit too hot. This market was really touristic and I prefer markets with more locals. But I still think you must visit a hippy market while you are here.
I saw a quote about hippies that I wanted to share: A Hippy is a person who embraces life to the fullest. Promotes peace, love and happiness. I think this quote really describes the vibe of this island. It feels like everything is possible.
After visiting the Market, we went to a beach called Cala Xarraca. This beach was even more beautiful than the ones we’ve already saw and it wasn’t crowded at all. I hate it when a beach is too crowded and touristic (just like the market haha). At this beach you had rocks where you could climb on and have the most amazing view. They also said that you had a mud bad here but unfortunately we couldn’t find that. We stayed here for a while and I could work on my tan. To put it briefly today was a really relaxing and good last day.

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