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De tijd gaat veel te snel. Deze drie dagen in New York zijn voorbij gevlogen. Maar gelukkig gaan we nog lang niet naar huis, we zijn nu op JFK onderweg naar Phoenix, onze volgende bestemming. De eerste dag hebben we ontbeten bij de Boothouse. Dit restaurant ligt in Central Park aan een meer. Je kan […]


I studied in Amsterdam for a year and I fell in love with the city. At first I thought Amsterdam was too touristic and crowded… but I was wrong. Of course you got the crowded places full of tourists but Amsterdam is so much more. You have different neighbourhoods just outside the city centre. Here […]


The weather in Holland is so good lately and I enjoy it as much as I can. Today I went to Villa Augustus. This is a restaurant and hotel in Dordrecht. Between the restaurant and the hotel lies an amazing garden. There are so many different flowers and plants here, you don’t know where to […]


Today is our last day on this Island (so sad 🙁 ), but we did some pretty nice things today. I went up really early to see the sunrise and it was really nice. Like I said in my previous blog post I wanted to visit a Hippy Market. It’s so nice to just stroll […]


A girl can never have too many dresses is my motto. I found this lovely dress in a beach shop called: Elements.  It’s the perfect dress to wear at Ibiza. I love the Ibiza style, everything is loose, wide and white. Elements isn’t only a shop it’s also a restaurant. You can find it on […]


Well, here it is.. my first blog post. I just came back from my holiday in Valencia with my boyfriend. Valencia isn’t a big city and that was what I liked about it. The city has lots of culture and architecture. You can walk to everything easily but you can also rent a bike. Of […]