A girl can never have too many dresses is my motto. I found this lovely dress in a beach shop called: Elements.  It’s the perfect dress to wear at Ibiza. I love the Ibiza style, everything is loose, wide and white. Elements isn’t only a shop it’s also a restaurant. You can find it on the beach Benirras. This beach is a special beach because of the rock in the water called Cap Bernat. On Sunday when the sun goes down there are drummers doing a hippy ritual. On Sundays you’ve also got little markets where you can buy jewellery, dresses, shoes etc. They call those markets: Hippy Markets. Unfortunately, I’m already leaving tomorrow so I can’t make it to this market. But today there is one at Punta Arabi so I’ll definitely go there!
Yesterday we went to Calla Compte. This beach looked so good, the water was blue and the view was amazing. The people here are so relaxed and the atmosphere is really good. A little downside of the Island are the many cars, if you want to go somewhere it’s always busy on the road. But I recommend to go early in the morning so you can get there before everybody else does 🙂 .
On the Island there are lots of restaurants very expensive but if you search a little better you’ll find really good food for a reasonable price. Here’s a list of some restaurants I’ve been:
– Bodega. This is a restaurant in Ibiza city. You can eat tapas here and drink all kind of cocktails.
– Seventeen. This is a restaurant in Santa Eulària des RiuYou can eat Italian here pizza, pasta, antipasti etc. (who doesn’t like Italian food?)
– Es Boldado. This restaurant is at the beach Cala D’hort. You can eat the best paella of the island here. Trust me it is really good.
Today is our last day here and it’s going to be a busy day. There are a few places we haven’t been yet and still want to see. I’m going to get ready and enjoy my last day!



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